Yippie! It’s Summer!

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Summer is finally here and we can enjoy the great outdoors, the birds chirping, a cruise on your street bike, some time at the lake on your jet ski, and yes, even the sound of all those lawnmowers going in the neighborhood.

Did you know that some of these summer sounds have high noise levels and can be harmful to your hearing? Hearing loss can occur in as little as 15 minutes if you are exposed to sounds above 90 decibels, even if they are short bursts of sound. So, while you’re out enjoying the great weather or doing lawn and home maintenance, be sure to protect your hearing with appropriate hearing protection.

For instance: your lawnmower has sound levels of approximately 95 dB, and taking down a dead tree with a chainsaw means hearing noise at 100dB. Even the fun toys we like to ride around can be harmful to our hearing; your motorbike has noise levels of approximately 95 dB and that zippy jet ski hits 115 dB. During the summer month it’s important to be aware that even enjoying firecrackers can mean exposing yourself to noise levels of approximately 125 dB.

So go out and enjoy the summer, but be health conscious and proactive. Protect your hearing with ear protection. To get your custom hearing protection, please call or email us to book your appointment today.

Valerie Stroeder BC-HIS

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