Introducing Invisible-In-The-Canal Hearing Aid Options

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As a hearing professional, I always find that I am noticing people wearing aids in public situations, such as at sporting events or the airport. Mostly, because it’s my profession, but also because hearing aids of the past have been so big and noticeable, and I put great emphasis on the word PAST. With today’s latest hearing aids, many new options are available that are invisible* to the eye when worn. The exact level of invisibility depends on the size of your ear canal, but, for many, these invisible-in-the-canal size hearing aids will help those with hearing losses receive the benefits of wearing a hearing aid without having it known to others, even their closest colleagues or friends. The most significant of these new invisible-in-the-canal products is called SoundLens™, made by Starkey®. SoundLens is custom made to fit exactly to the contours of your ear canal, so comfortable that many report forgetting they have it in. While the size has become smaller, the technology continues to get more advanced and powerful. SoundLens is a digital and fully programmable hearing aid that is designed to virtually eliminate feedback and reduce background noise in noisy environments. Not only may you not feel like you are wearing a hearing aid, but you won’t have to remember to change settings or programs when switching from quiet to noisy environments. Candidacy for this product does depend on your degree of hearing loss as significant losses may need a more powerful solution. Though, many hearing aid options are available in slightly bigger sizes that are still hard to notice when worn in the ear and equally effortless to use.  Why not book an appointment today and see if the SoundLens is for you?

Greg Nedelec BC-HIS

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